week 1 discussion

Healthcare Revenue Sources (graded)

What are some sources of healthcare revenue?

The Role of the HIM (graded)

What is the role of the HIM (Health Information
Manager) in a healthcare organization?

week 2 discussion

Sources of Revenue (graded)

What are some different types of
expenses that generate revenue for healthcare organizations? What are the two
types of disbursement for services?

Revenue Cycle (graded)

Explain the importance of cost
centers in the revenue cycle processes.

week 3 discussion

Reimbursement (graded)

What are the various types of
financial reports used in healthcare organizations? Demonstrate how a financial
report is used in decis

Staffing Calculations (graded)

Why is it important to understand
staffing calculations to fill scheduled positions?

week 4 discussion

Budget Variances (graded)

List the various types of flexible
budget variance. Explain one type of variance budget and its application in
health information management.

Sensitivity Analysis (graded)

Demonstrate how a hospital’s
sensitivity analysis can be used to project the way that changing
certain events may affect budgeting.