Individual Assignment: Guillermo Furniture Store Analysis
Resources: The “Guillermo Furniture Analysis Approach” Excel file in the Course Materials forum for this class.
Note: The data values change given the instructor name input in cell A3 of “Income Information” sheet in this file. To ensure that you are working with the correct numbers- the numbers you will be graded on- use the file posted in the Course Materials file and not the one posted in eResouce under the Week’s materials. Do not change the value in cell A3 in the “Income Information” tab.
You have two scenarios to project 1) increase manufacturing technology 2) operate as Broker/ wholesaler. You also have the option to integrate the fire retardant finish into either of the options.
In this file, a sheet has been created for each one of these two scenarios and the current year data from the “Income Information” sheet has been input for each scenario. For each scenario, verify the data, the relationships, and complete the five year forecast using the instructions at the top for sales/price/cost assumptions.
For each scenario, on the Balance Sheet, you will need to allocate financing between debt and equity- the total value needed to balance the Balance Sheet equation (assets=liabilities plus equity) was added to debt as a “plug.” You will need to decide how much of this additional financing will need to be made through equity financing.
For each scenario, given your allocation of Long-Term Debt and Equity to finance the needed assets, calculate WACC.
For each scenario, calculate the cash flows, and then NPV of future cash flows using WACC as your discount rate. (You can use an industry average WACC until you fine tune the debt-equity mix and arrive at your own WACC. Discuss your NPV analysis and explain why you recommend one scenario over other(s) based on NPV and other analyses.
We will be working on an example problem in the discussion this week….focus on stepping through the analysis…and don’t spend allot of time micro-analyzing the data.
Post your Excel file to “Assignments