1. Financing Cycle (2 pages) Answer the following questions.
  • How can you create and maintain the chart of accounts?
  • How can you post journal entries?
  • What are the key financial statements that are available? Describe them.
  • What are some key reports one can generate to measure the firms financial performance?

Section III: Reporting (minimum 3 pages)

Describe how Peachtree Complete Accounting produces information that can be used to manage the business. Identify and describe at least three key reports for each of the cycles – the revenue, expenditure and financing cycles for a total of nine reports. You should describe how the report is used, and why it is important in this section. Do not include any screen shots of your reports in this section. You will include one sample report for each of the transaction cycles in the Appendix – see below.

Section IV: Your Evaluation of the Software and Final Thoughts (minimum 2 pages)

Your evaluation of Peachtree Complete Accounting will be based upon your experience. You will use screen prints to support your evaluation. You will include the screen prints in an Appendix. They are not part of the required 7-10 written pages. Also, include your final thoughts regarding the application you selected here. Include such things as ease of use, in what size of business it would be best used, etc.