Refer to and use the following abbreviations for the problems below: •
R = Royalty Payment • CT = Artist Credit Total • SV = Share Value • CV =
Credit Value • RP = Retail Price • PD= Packaging Deduction • R%=Royalty
Percentage of Suggested Retail Price minus packaging

Ziam wants to know how much his royalty will be for a song he has
written. How will it be calculated? Write the steps or the formulas that
will be used to calculate his royalty payment.

2. Ziam has
written a popular song titled “Going There,” which has been recorded by a
well-known performer. He recently received a royalty check for $7,000.
If Ziam gets a 0.5 share of the royalties and the credit value is $3.50,
what was the credit total that his song earned? Write out the problem
in the form of an equation and solve it.

3. Ziam quickly published
another song, “Take Me There,” that is played even more often than
“Going There.” If his first song earns 4,000 credits and his second song
earns 6,000 credits, what will the royalty payment be from the two
songs if the credit value remains at $3.50?

4. Ziam is considering
an offer to perform his own songs on a CD to be titled “Waiting There.”
In the past, he has written but not performed his music. If Ziam’s
royalty is 0.12 of the suggested retail price of $15.00, but 0.25 of the
retail price is deducted for packaging before Ziam’s royalty is
calculated, how much will he receive for sale of the CD? Write your
answer in the form of an equation and solve it.

Use the equation below and show your work in this cell to solve for the royalty payment. Manual Equation: R = (CT)(SV)(CV)