1. If your coffee shop were to need to execute retrenchment strategies, what 3 actions would you be able to take in order to do this?

2. A company you are looking at investing in has a consistent net profit margin, but a decreasing quick ratio. What may be causing this?

3. Why is the value of Inventory excluded from the Quick Ratio?

4. What is the difference between a Mutual Fund and an ETF?

5. Why do companies often decide to complete a Horizontal Acquisition?
In order to broaden their market share together. Since these two companies are producing similar goods and services, it reduces the competition and increases their marketing power if they combine into one company through a Horizontal Acquisition strategy.

6. When looking at competitive forces, why do we care about the “barriers to entry”?

7. Why should a company care about its stock price on the stock exchange?

8. If you look at Starbucks, what do you determine is their most important sustainable competitive advantage, and why?

9. When your company is in a position to launch a related diversification strategy, what are 3 things you would need to consider about your target industry?

10. What are the steps you would take to complete a probable outcomes assessment?